Ambition, dedication and drive supercede everything. Through real life experience and an unstoppable desire to succeed with those who share the vision, Impiro is here to accomplish great things, together with those who believe they can do it.

Impiro provides venture capital and mentorship through a modern blend of “management love” and support that goes deeper than traditional capital injection strategies commonly seen in the industry.

About Impiro

ImpiroImpiro is a full-service investment firm incorporated in Singapore with founders located across the globe and with activities extending across multiple continents and industries. Impiro aims to make a profound impact in the industries it engages in by identifying the right type of partners and to achieve that impact through capital injection, strategic input, mentorship, back-office services, commercial guidance and networking opportunities. Impiro proudly refers to this as its “management love” formula. There is no such thing as a one size fits all approach to businesss whether it’s funding, mentorship, guidance or networking, Impiro stands ready to work with start-ups and entrepreneurs who believe that the journey to success is just as important as success itself. Whether you are an up and coming company or a company in need of a turn around as long as you are sincere and realistic in your approach, Impiro looks forward to embarking on that journey with you. Together with their robust team of advisors, Impiro founders Simon Landsheer, Maikel Lambregts and Eric Dadoun are life loving individuals who have all achieved business success in their careers and are well positioned to work with like minded entrepreneurs who are interested in taking their business to the next level.

Investment strategy

Our mission is to identify real growth opportunities, grow companies, add value and enjoy the journey as well as the people we work with throughout the process. Our investment scope ranges from as little as 10,000 USD up to 1,500,000 USD. Impiro has the capacity to simultaneously be involved with multiple ventures which can be financed from existing Impiro funds. As per everything Impiro does, the firm maintains a flexible and open minded approach to its investment strategy and through a vast network of partner investors it will consider funding sizes exceeding this range. Our key investment principles are:

  • Tapping into the real life and professional experience of our founders by taking an
    active role in the companies we invest in. We are looking for partners who want to grow something
    together, not just individuals with good ideas.
  • Providing our partners with the opportunity to engage our global teams for back-office support ranging from customer relations, technical expertise, accounting resources, legal corporate structuring assistance and other such services. Our “services for equity” model enables our partners to acquire the critical growth services they need while only releasing equity based on tangible deliverables.
  • Approaching each partnership with an open mind and the knowledge that one size does not fit all.
  • Not restricting ourselves to particular industries but rather only to particular characteristics of founders and individuals.
  • Respecting the expertise of the founders behind the companies we invest in by continuing to provide them the freedom and flexibility they need to operate.
  • Remaining open to both minority and majority equity positions.

The Team


Simon Landsheer

Mentor & Lead Investor

At six years old Simon asked his dad for more pocket money and the response, in jest, was to go wash cars. Six weeks later he had five friends operating a car wash service on his behalf generating a cash flow and income for himsel …

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Maikel Lambregts


Maikel’s natural inclination to become an entrepreneur was evident from a young age when he started taking on part time jobs and generating his own income to fill his need for knowledge, success and to address his burning curiosit …

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Eric Dadoun


Eric has always had an entrepreneurial and curious spirit which progressed into the business world when at 17 he received a promotional SMS to his mobile phone,starting him down a path to find out more about the mobile industry. S …

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Jonathan Lugg


Jonathan is an experienced lawyer who worked as a Senior-Associate for the international law firm DLA Piper for 7 ½ years. In 2012 he established his own law firm in Amsterdam. His main areas of expertise are M&A, Venture Capital, …

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Michael Brouwer


Michael joined Silverstreet in June 2011. He brings a total of more than 20 years of accounting, financial analysis and business planning experience to the team. Michael has been involved in the mobile industry since 2000, mainly …

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Ben Chong


As Chief Strategy Officer of Silverstreet, Ben provides the strategic direction for Silverstreet and is responsible for driving forward the company’s role in the mobile telecommunication ecosystem. He has achievement in many facet …

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Impiro’s set of expertise spans across various burgeoning, innovative sectors including Renewable Energy, Telecommunications, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Retail and more. These expertise are a culmination of the diversified experiences and investments of Impiro’s strong founder and advisory team. Collectively, the Impiro team has spent decades cultivating industry relationships and an array of sector expertise, putting Impiro in the position it is today, to enhance the operations and daily business activities of it’s portfolio companies.

Here’s a snapshot of some of our industry experiences, investments and expertise:

Contained Energy

Contained Energy Indonesia is an established provider of renewable energy solutions to homes, villas, resorts, …

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Silverstreet is a specialist Mobile Messaging (SMS) company, offering global MT termination options over 800+ …

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Press releases


If you feel that you share the same DNA and vision as Impiro then we certainly look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your company. Although we will review all companies who reach out to us, we encourage you to be creative in your approach so please be sure to separate yourself from the pack and catch our eye. Referrals from mutual contacts always help!

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