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Eric Dadoun

Eric Dadoun


Eric has always had an entrepreneurial and curious spirit which progressed into the business world when at 17 he received a promotional SMS to his mobile phone,starting him down a path to find out more about the mobile industry. Shortly after discovering the depth of the industry Eric engaged in an elaborate reseller network across the SMS industry which eventually led to his introduction to Simon, Maikel and Silverstreet. At 19 years old he founded Facebook Developer Directory bv, offering development and hosting services to companies interested in launching an application onto any social networking platform with an emphasis on Facebook and the iPhone. Over the years Eric has maintained a variety of private ventures which provided him with exposure to a variety of partners ranging from publicly traded companies to the Democratic Party of the United States.

Eric now plays an integral role at Impiro in terms of driving sales, strategy and new business initiatives. His strong focus on providing great value, transparency and dedication to his partners has become synonymous with his approach to business and a foundational aspect of everything he does at Impiro.

Eric was born in Canada and is today enjoying a nomadic lifestyle, traveling extensively between all of Impiro’s companies. His LinkedIn profile recommendations are testament to the fact that he is truly passionate about what he does and strives to achieve the best outcome for his stakeholders.

“The process and strategy behind growing a new idea into a tangible and successful business is incredibly exciting to me. Its not only about the end-goal but very much about the process and journey of getting there which is an experience I very much look forward to sharing with all of our current and future partners at Impiro.” – Eric Dadoun.