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Silverstreet is a specialist Mobile Messaging (SMS) company, offering global MT termination options over 800+ networks. Its primary focus since its founding and threw its many years of growth is on mission critical traffic and high volume (wholesale) clients.Founded in 1999, Silverstreet is a diversified telecom group with interests in various tele and .com companies. Working with over 3000+ businesses, including mobile service providers and enterprises, Silverstreet’s mobile messaging solutions and innovative, highly scalable transaction platform continually provides its clients with unique, reliable and secure solutions.

Founded by Maikel Lambregts, Silverstreet started off as a successful, domestically focused SMS provider and under the guidance of Maikel, Simon Landsheer and countless others, grew into a global player for wholesale SMS termination. Silverstreet’s steady growth and positioning as a leader within its industry has also served as the foundation for what has ultimately become Impiro, enabling the current trio of Impiro co-founders to grow as a team, as a unit and as partners.

With present day sales exceeding 4 billion SMS per year, revenue of more than 100M EUR per year, a global team of more than 80 professionals and representation in 15 countries across the globe, Silverstreet serves as the flagship entity under Impiro. Starting from their apartments a group of young entrepreneurs built a wholly independent company while crossing borders, investing in its own growth without outside funding and gaining the experience needed to push the Impiro vision into the future and into its partner companies.

The day to day operations of Silverstreet are handled by a 5 person management team under the guidance of Simon Landsheer who serves as its President & CEO, Eric Dadoun serving as its CCO and Maikel Lambregts serving as its Chairman.

Impiro maintains a 100% equity position in Silverstreet which currently serves as the main dividend generator from within its investment portfolio.

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