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Tranglo is a leading international mobile financial transactions hub operator that enables cross-border airtime exchange, money transfer and bill payment via its award-winning innovative solutions gloTransfer and gloRemit. Tranglo works with prominent mobile operators and financial institutions, vendors/resellers/distributors, remittance service providers across the globe. Tranglo currently has local offices in Netherlands, Lebanon, Malaysia and Indonesia, and representative offices in United States, Australia, UAE and United Kingdom.

Following a RM54 million buyout of 60% of the Tranglo shares by government-linked private equity firm Ekuiti Nasional Bhd in early 2015 (post money valuation of RM90 million), leaving 40% with the original Tranglo founders of which 5% is retained by Impiro directly.

Impiro served as an early stage investor and incubator to Tranglo with Impiro mentor Simon Landsheer functioning as a non executive director and advisor to the CEO.

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