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Impiro acquires 95% share in Contained Energy and appoints new CEO

April 21, 2015

Full service investment firm, Impiro, has announced that it will acquire a 95% stake, through a cash-and-stock transaction, in PT Contained Energy Indonesia, a renewable energy company providing clean energy solutions, with a focus on solar, across Indonesia.

Impiro made an initial investment in November 2014, purchasing a 45% stake in Contained Energy. After further examination into the significant opportunities available across the renewable energy sector, Impiro has now provided additional capital and management support for the expansion of Contained Energy in Indonesia with later-stage plans for regional engagement.

Impiro will also appoint a new CEO, Mr Lion Kraaijbeek, who has 30 years experience working in South East Asia. He has worked as a consultant, led sales teams, been responsible for driving revenue and most recently held the position of CEO at publicly-traded The Nomad Offices, where he headed up the P&L of the entire serviced office business as well as expansion in existing and new locations.

Commenting on the current energy situation, Kraaijbeek says, “Increasing the portion of renewable energy in its nationwide energy production from 25% to 41% is a stated national goal in Indonesia and we’re perfectly positioned to play a significant part in this. I’m excited to be working with a strong team here at Contained Energy Indonesia, with more than 10 years experience and more than 100 projects under its belt. We intend to rapidly expand our operations and increase our market share of the solar panel market in Indonesia in the coming two years. Impiro’s investment helps us achieve that target.”

Simon Landsheer, founder and lead investor at Impiro, says, “There is a shortage of energy across various sectors, including residential, industrial and commercial buildings and PLN rates have gone up and will continue to rise. As an emerging economy with over 250 million people on 18,000 islands, we’re tapping into the opportunities and challenges that will assist the region in adopting renewable energy solutions.”

Contained Energy founder Mr. Pieter de Vries will continue to play an integral role in the business as it’s Chief Technical Officer. His passion for renewable energy really came in to play after the Aceh tsunami, where he initiated a project to install small solar and wind systems in 10 000 new homes that were needed. He has been based in Bali since 2008 and has been instrumental in the success of Contained Energy to date.

Industry experts have determined that both increased capital injection from private investors and a proactive government approach to change policies are important factors that will assist the region in meeting its targets. Despite getting off to a slow start initially, Southeast Asia’s clean energy financing has grown at an 8% compounded annual growth rate between 2010 and 2014, according to Armstrong Asset Management reports.

And according to a new report by, Asia-Pacific Solar Energy Panel Market – Types, Mounting Systems, End Users, Trends, Opportunities, Growth and Forecast, 2013 – 2020, the APAC Solar Energy Panel Market would reach $37.8 billion by 2020, registering a CAGR of 14.8% during 2014 – 2020.

Technology improvements and a rise in the demand for solar PVs should present potential opportunities for this industry in the near future. Solar panels are rapidly gaining acceptance and are largely used in the making of rooftops, industrial parks, utility lands, and even backpacks.

Government subsidies, eco-friendly technology, project financing and the decreasing costs of raw materials are key factors that supplement the growth of this market.

Contained Energy is dedicated to providing sustainable, renewable energy and water solutions for a variety of industries including Residential, Commercial, Government and Community projects. The company uses an integrated approach to the deployment of alternative energy solutions, designing, supplying, installing and managing smart and robust energy and water solutions with best-of-class equipment, backed by world-class services and support.

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About Impiro

Impiro is a full-service investment firm incorporated in Singapore with founders located across the globe and with activities extending across multiple continents and industries. Impiro aims to make a profound impact in the industries it engages in by identifying the right type of partners and to achieve that impact through capital injection, strategic input, mentorship, back-office services, commercial guidance and networking opportunities. Impiro’s robust team of advisors and Impiro founders Simon Landsheer, Maikel Lambregts and Eric Dadoun work with like minded entrepreneurs who are interested in taking their business to the next level. For more information on Impiro please visit

About Contained Energy

Contained Energy is a market-leader in renewable and alternative energy solutions, supplying Indonesia and the Pacific region with a diverse range of cost-saving, secure, alternative and eco-friendly energy solutions.

The company has office locations in Jakarta and Bali, Indonesia and has implemented more than 100 successful projects since 2004. With investment from Impiro the business is on track to expand its position within the clean energy sector.

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