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Silverstreet moves HQ to Singapore and consolidates under Impiro

April 24, 2015

The majority shareholders in Impiro and Silverstreet, Simon Landsheer and Maikel Lambregts, today announced an ownership consolidation within the Silverstreet portfolio of companies and its relationship towards Impiro Pte Ltd.

The Silverstreet Group, operating since 1999, has been comprised of various entities situated throughout Europe, Africa, CIS, the Middle East and Asia, owned separately by Mr. Lambregts and Mr. Landsheer. In an effort to establish a more streamlined operating foundation as well as a more solid corporate structure for future plans the company intends to implement, all entities that comprise the Silverstreet Group globally will be consolidated into a single entity, namely Silverstreet International Pte Ltd. Silverstreet International Pte Ltd is 100% privately held by Impiro Pte Ltd, a full service investment firm incorporated in Singapore and owned in its majority by Lambregts and Landsheer.

All global offices and teams will remain in place under this new structure. Silverstreet International Pte Ltd will operate out of Singapore and will serve as the company’s global headquarters moving forward, benefiting from the financial hub that Singapore has established itself as, within the global marketplace. With South East Asia serving as an increasingly intricate part of the global mobile industry and Singapore as one of its beating hearts, the shareholders anticipate the country to be a well suited global HQ for its operations.

The consolidation is expected to be finalised before the end of 2015, with Silverstreet International Pte Ltd, while remaining fully focused on the global mobile market and continuing its existing day to day activities, operating under Impiro Pte Ltd. This step is a further effort to establish group-wide efficiency and to permit Silverstreet International to benefit from the wide range of corporate advisors, investors and other such services that Impiro has access to.

About Silverstreet


Silverstreet is a specialist Mobile Messaging (SMS) company, offering global MT termination options over 800+ networks. Our primary focus is on mission critical traffic and high volume (wholesale) clients.

Founded in 1999, Silverstreet is a diversified telecom group with interests in various tele and .com companies. Working with over 3000+ businesses, including mobile service providers and enterprises, Silverstreet’s mobile messaging solutions and innovative, highly scalable transaction platform continually provides our clients with unique, reliable and secure solutions.

Silverstreet is a privately funded, GSMA Associate member. Our footprint is global with headquarters in the Netherlands, local offices in Europe and Asia, as well as representatives in Russia and South Africa. We reach a volume of approximately 4 billion SMS messages a year and our group revenue forecast for 2015 exceeds 100m EUR. For more information on Silverstreet please visit

About Impiro

Impiro is a full-service investment firm incorporated in Singapore with founders located across the globe and with activities extending across multiple continents and industries. Impiro aims to make a profound impact in the industries it engages in by identifying the right type of partners and to achieve that impact through capital injection, strategic input, mentorship, back-office services, commercial guidance and networking opportunities. For more information visit

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