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Ben Chong

Ben Chong


As Chief Strategy Officer of Silverstreet, Ben provides the strategic direction for Silverstreet and is responsible for driving forward the company’s role in the mobile telecommunication ecosystem. He has achievement in many facets of the mobile industry and widely recognized as an expert in the areas of mobile technology innovation, churn strategic, greenfield projects and enabling services.

Ben is a recognized leader in the mobile industry and has spoken regularly on behalf of Silverstreet numerous industry events. He spent 14 years in telecommunication industry with vast experience in mobile operator, VOIP, mobile messaging, wireless mobile security, 3G and LTE technology between Asia and Europe.

Prior to joining Silverstreet, Ben began his career at DiGi Telecommunications in Malaysia. Ben earned his BEng (Hons) in Telecommunication from the Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK and Master of Business Administrations from the Nottingham Trent University and is pursuing his Doctorate in Business Administration in Malaysia.