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Maikel Lambregts

Maikel Lambregts


Maikel’s natural inclination to become an entrepreneur was evident from a young age when he started taking on part time jobs and generating his own income to fill his need for knowledge, success and to address his burning curiosity. This drive continued in parallel with him becoming a diligent student while studying International Business at Tilburg University. He started building his confidence in the sales industry by selling restaurant coupons door-to- door. Maikel thrived on this performance based income structure and tapping into his burning sense of curiosity, began to network with the owners of these various companies, gaining insights into how he could start his own in the future.

During his semester abroad in USA, Maikel was exposed to the rise of the Internet and website development which is where his telecommunications journey really began. He headed back to the Netherlands to build on his network and founded Silverstreet Webdesign. During the development of the site, Maikel expanded the idea to include promotional SMSes to customers which started Maikel down a path that ultimately led to one of the largest SMS companies in the industry.

Silverstreet gave Maikel the desire to dabble in other business ventures and he has learnt through this journey that in order to build a company from the ground up, you need to ensure all divisions of the company work together harmoniously with the same vision. Maikel used this concept to co-found Impiro and will surely continue to add value to Impiro as well as its various partners moving forward. Today Maikel is heavily dedicated to the management and execution of SilverSpa’a provider of high end jaccuzi-style massage baths for medical and recreational purposes. Maikels curiosity, knowledge and passion allows him to successfully migrate different industries, services and ideas which will continue to be a true asset to Impiro.
Maikel has a knack for research, and uses this knowledge to search for new business opportunities in telecommunications and other industries. With a professional role model such as Richard Branson, Maikel believes that business opportunities don’t have to lie within the fields you are most comfortable; anything is possible without boundaries.

Born in the Netherlands, in the small village of Teteringen, Maikel moved to Tilburg for university. Planting his roots firmly in the town, Tilburg still serves as home to Maikel. Maikel firmly believes that the possibilities for Impiro are endless, due to the team of innovative, driven business leaders he has partnered with.

“I truly believe that growing a company, means you can’t do everything alone. You need to learn to share, to achieve a common goal. I’m passionate about researching new or existing markets to find new business opportunities and thoroughly enjoy optimizing the creative/technical side of any business.” ~ Maikel Lambregts.