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Simon Landsheer

Simon Landsheer

Mentor & Lead Investor

At six years old Simon asked his dad for more pocket money and the response, in jest, was to go wash cars. Six weeks later he had five friends operating a car wash service on his behalf generating a cash flow and income for himself. This eye for entrepreneurship quickly developed into a keen interest in start-ups which laid the foundation for his future successes. He established his first full fledged company, Prezent Internet, at the young age of 15 which continues to operate today and then teamed up with Maikel Lambregts from Silverstreet after gaining invaluable experience working at a number of firms including Datacon and OrcaGroup.

Simon has taken his experience, skills and knowledge and focused it on creating new ventures and investing profits into new companies. This was the start of Impiro which today acts as holding and a full-service investment firm. Simon acts as a business angel and investor through Impiro but also through his private investment vehicle, Mazarus Ltd.

Simon was born in the Netherlands and is today based in KL, Malaysia but travels extensively between the various international office locations of the multiple business ventures he and Impiro are involved with. He is fluent in English, Dutch, and German; and also speaks basic conversational French, Bahasa Malayu and Bahasa Indonesian.

Colleagues have deemed Simon as an entrepreneur with a nose for business opportunities and for creating successful and profitable companies where others may have overlooked the opportunity. He takes on every new journey with a clear mission and utter determination that it will succeed without accepting any obstacle as a reason to give up.

“I truly love transactional based business models. I like to build new businesses and link various protocols and applications to create new opportunities. I’m inspired by many types of entrepreneurs, large and small, and I have a lot of respect for people who work hard to accomplish what they’ve set out to achieve.” ~ Simon Landsheer.