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Simon Landsheer

Simon Landsheer

Managing Partner

Simon is the Managing Partner at Impiro.

Originally from the Netherlands and now based out of Malaysia, Simon started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 15 after founding Prezent Internet. The experiences gained there and with other projects along the way led him to join Silverstreet in 2006 which he eventually led to an acquisition in his role as CEO after having grown it into one of the leading and most long standing cloud communication companies in the space. During that time Simon has engaged in a variety of other projects including co-founding Tranglo which has grown into a fintech juggernaut out of Southeast Asia as well as ventures across the F&B, real estate, mobility and green energy sectors.

After having moved to Southeast Asia in 2009 Simon engaged in an assortment of investment opportunities both personally and via the various corporate entities he was involved with. This eventually led to the establishment of Impiro in 2013 in Singapore.

He is often commended for having a knack for identifying opportunities as well as focusing on establishing mutually beneficial deals between himself and his partners. Ultimately Simon remains a founder and entrepreneur at heart and thus remains eager to work with like minded individuals interested in building and scaling great projects.

Beyond the business world Simon is also a big Porsche fan and will be happy to compare notes or join you on a weekend drive.

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