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Bali Bike Rental

With the constantly growing stream of tourists visiting the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia, Bali Bike has tasked itself with the mission of providing a hassle-free and reliable bike rental service to its customers. Whether you’re visiting Bali on vacation or local to the island and in need of efficient transportation options, Bali Bike allows you to explore Bali comfortably and safely with a fleet of over 150 brand new bikes.

Besides just renting out scooters in Bali the company offers amazing add-ons that will fully compliment your exciting adventure on Bali including WiFi, GoPro helmets, insurance and a variety of other nifty accessories. With the service quality that Bali Bike offers, consumers finally have an option to explore one of the most incredible places in the world in a more fun, safe and very affordable way.

Within the currently highly unorganised but high volume rental market in Bali for motorbike usage, Bali Bike aims to solidify itself as a ground breaking service provider.

Impiro served as an investor to Bali Bike with Impiro mentor Simon Landsheer positioned as its Founder, CEO and main driving force.

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