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Promptly following its founding in 2011 and while operating its own in-house developed platform, Monopond established itself as one of the leading wholesale fax providers in the world.

Through the wholesale experience in the mobile industry that the Impiro founders acquired through their activities in various SMS related entities, the Impiro team was responsible to take, what was primarily an Australian and North American operation, and help it develop its sales channels into other regions of the globe. At the time of Impiro’s exit from Monopond in 2013 the company had achieved a platform supporting more than 4000 upstream channels with pops located in Australia, Europe and South East Asia and yearly volumes exceeding 100 million transmissions.

Monopond continues to operate today and has successfully continued its growth path within the fax and telecom sector.

Impiro served as an investor and incubator to Monopond providing it access to its portfolio of back-office resources including accounting, sales and technical customer support services.

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