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Through a portfolio of in-house designed and manufactured products, Silverspas currently distributes personal as well as group spas and hot tubs to the Benelux region for both recreational and therapeutic usage. Focusing on high-end engineering, true massage therapy and cost efficient products, Silverspas has differentiated itself from the run of the mill by creating a market of its own as opposed to operating in a red ocean.

Since its founding in 2011 and through its wholly owned factory in the Netherlands, Silverspas continues to expand its product portfolio and has achieved year on year commercial growth. With short-term plans of further developing its factory production capacity and sales channels Silverspas anticipates to maintain its commercial growth in the years to come with eventual expansion plans into the Asian market place.

Impiro served as an investor to Silverspas and Impiro co-founder Maikel Lambregts is positioned as its Founder, CEO and main driving force.

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